8/30 - 9/18 2020

This was a group project that furthered our analysis and diagramming of design elements through spatial relationships. 


9/20 - 10/8 2020

This project investigated the relationship of three volumes. Our group chose nestling as the focus of our designs. Containment of the central space was emphasized through focusing of views. Volumes and sights were expanded at circulatory spaces and contracted at moments of connection

P2 Cook Cybart Minella Final-12.jpg

10/22 - 12/18 2020

This individual final project implemented a student learning space on the existing site at the Lawrence Tech Southfield campus. My design focused views and user experience away from the neighboring, busy main road to the north. Viewsheds, façade directionality, and maintenance of preexisting site elements allows visitors to become immersed in the small pocket of nature that exists on the site adjacent to the rouge river.