9/1 - 10/25 2019

This project was an analysis of case study eight from the art and architecture magazine. The Eames house provided our initial project in visual communications as an avenue to discuss the basics of floor plans, poche, elevation, axon, presentation, and modeling. In my final presentations, I focused my project on the exterior of the home, depicting the relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces through use of color and texture.


10/29 -12/13 2019 

This project investigates case study 20 by Buff Straub Hensman Architects. This was a group assignment that looked into the relationship of materiality and public - private space within the home. The exploded axon details this material relationship. The plan view, originally a layered vellum, compares the two courtyard spaces, one private one public.


1/21 - 3/7 2020

This project analyzed the works of Walter Gropius and Marcel Bruer. The Architects incorporated local materials into their modern New England design. The center of the home is focused at the staircase, creating an axis of movement that begins to define public and private space.  


3/30 - 5/5 2020

This project investigated the designs of Philip Johnson at the Sheldon Museum at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We focused our analysis on the levels of symmetry and asymmetry that were incorporated in the building. The group project occurred at the transition into online learning, where group members mitigated work to accomplish deadlines remotely.